It’s A Cold Pizza Kind Of Night

My point of this blog is to be honest through this entire journey…honest with you and honest with myself.  Sundays in my house are our pizza day.  Since money is tight, we do the $5 hot-n-ready pizza from Little Caesars.  My children have bottomless pits for stomachs, so today, I went ahead and bought two pizzas instead of one.  If anything, we’d have leftovers.  Well, right before dinner, there was a tornado warning.  The weather channel was on in the living room (first mistake), and our routine was broken.  Routine is pretty important to us because my 5 year old son is on the autism spectrum.  He needs the strict routine to feel safe.  Dinner was not happening on time, which was causing a pretty severe panic attack for my son.  Also, I live in Tennessee.  The mountains usually block all tornadoes, so I’m not used to this kind of weather.  I was on edge and so were my kids.  Finally, when all tornadoes were gone and the weather cleared, it was time for this mommy to focus on dinner.  I was exhausted. 

So, what did I do?  I slapped cold pizza on some plates and sat the kids at the table for dinner.  They loved dinner, but I had the twinges of guilt for not even having the energy to heat it up for them, much less the energy to actually cook them something healthy.  But this is not only my journey to healthy, it’s theirs, too!  So, my plan for tomorrow is to make a meal plan of healthy and fun foods for the next couple of weeks. 

Also, I am going to do something that I swore I would never do.  In order to be kept accountable for my healthy transition, I am going to post regular pictures of myself so you guys can see me start to finish!  First picture will be posted tomorrow! 


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