It’s a Roller Coaster Over Here!

Today has been a pretty up and down kind of day.  Usually, my mood is not bothered by days like this, but today has been different.  Maybe it’s the stress of everything happening all at once, who knows? 

The morning started with cancelling my run with my friend because my knee has been killing me since my run on Saturday.  My friend (we’ll call her Red) was completely understanding which is her M.O.  Then, there was a close call with a giant spider.  I know it was not really a giant spider, but my mind is incapable of seeing spiders realistically, so yes, giant spider.  I am not afraid of spiders; I only scream to alert everyone else of the possible danger.  Realizing I was on my own on this one, I did what any good mother would do to save her children from danger, and I battled the spider with a flip flop and won!  After the adrenaline wore off, I began to hate this divorce.  Now, I have no one to save me from spiders!  Anyways, the pity party ended abruptly after I went through the other list of reasons why this divorce needs to happen.  Then came the guilt of blowing off Red.  I loaded up the kids and picked her up from her house, wearing jeans to hint that I was not running today.  We spent a few hours together, and after nearly peeing my pants from laughter, I dropped her off at her house. 

Instantly as we pulled into her driveway, all children needed to pee, so she wrangled them into her house for a bathroom break.  My aspie son, accidentally knocked Red’s husband’s brand new comic book into the toilet!  Back down on the roller coaster.  Now, I am the kind of person that believes it is my responsibility to replace the things my kids have ruined, so that situation was handled.  And the guilt was awful, even though Red was so nice about it.

Upon our arrival at home, I realized that something is not quite right with our plumbing.  I am no plumbing expert, but water is supposed to drain, right?  I guess it’s paper plates and cups until this mommy can find someone to fix it, preferably a plumber without his crack showing. 

My diet today has not been much eating, which is horrible and pretty normal for a busy person.  It would be so easy for me to eat a bunch of crap at this point, but I am refusing to do so.  Instead I am going to make the biggest kale salad I can fit on this paper plate and fill my face!  Also, since running is not an option for me today, I am going to do my usual routine on my elliptical!  And as promised, I have a picture for you.  Consider this the before picture! 🙂 0728141535

Hope you all are having a splendid day!


2 thoughts on “It’s a Roller Coaster Over Here!

  1. You shouldn’t feel guilty so much. Just get on the roller coaster and enjoy the ride!

    PS: This Red you speak of sounds like a pretty cool customer.


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